An update on the sweet femmes:)

I just need to inform you that if I am held back on the 1st of December for some reason, which could be anything, I am in Cuba for Christ´s sakes – the period of the competition will be extended until I get to a computer. This is NOT to allow cheating, if such a thing is possible, but a mere consequence of living in the realworld.. It sucks, I know, and I apologize..

Here´s the current position of the top four girls:
1. Katie Holmes: 28%
2. Angelina Jolie: 26%
3. Milla Jovovich: 26%
4. Jenna Jameson: 8%

Number of votes:253

Btw, you should check out what Pauly writes about the competition at his daily Tao. He and his minions are joining in to front Katie Holmes, and on the Norwegian side we´ve got MIB trying to wind up an opposition for Angelina Jolie! Stay tuned for the end!
Here´s the latest update about the contest by Pauly: Just click this link and modern technology will take you there!

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