Link of the day: Marchand SEA BLASTER!

As some of you recall, I got a radio-controlled car called Marchand SEA BLASTER very cheap back in January. Back then it was still snowy and cold and I had no opportunity to test it out except for in our living room, until Lady C put her foot down (and I rammed into it). I’ve got some plans for what I want to hack it into, but before I could research it I needed the manual. Luckily I found the manufacturer’s homepage where I also stumbled over today’s link in addition to the manual.

Link of the day: Marchand SEA BLASTER! video (wmv)

I had no idea the SEA BLASTER (yes, it has to be all capital letters) was Danish.. Anyway! Today it’s sunny and not a cloud in the sky, and tomorrow is International Workers’ Day, so I’ve got a full day of driving this little monster. On the Danish website it is described as a "revolution" since it can run on water just like a Messiah. In any case, watch the commercial. It’s gonna blow your mind! Have a nice weekend!

4 thoughts on “Link of the day: Marchand SEA BLASTER!

  1. Hah, identity theft is a serious crime, mister “Sigg3”. I have informed the authorities and you will have to give up your url to the real Sigg3 at I’m sorry bro, but that’s the law.

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