Truckin' May 2009, Vol. 8, Issue 5

It has been a long while since I sent anything over to Pauly that even resembled the whiff of a story. Except for promises. But as the story goes, I am one to keep promises, just not deadlines. To exert even more pressure on myself I am hereby also letting you the reader know that more Truckin’ stories are underway! I’ve written some of them already and others are in the draft stages, but I’ve yet to actually type them in before I can send them electronically across the pond to our favourite Poker author. For the record I’ve got more than twenty stories published at Truckin’, all of them are available on the site, or as a list on the bottom of my archives. Pauly writes:

Welcome back to the May edition of Truckin’ which includes a gem from David “Drizz” Aydt, perhaps one of my favorite stories in a very long time. Art Rosch is the latest writer to make his Truckin’ debut with The Miracle of Highway Six. I’m ecstatic that Milton T. Burton is back with a fable and as always, Betty Underground’s voice is always a pleasant and sultry mix to this month’s issue. Oh, and I penned a little something inspired by a trip to Virginia.
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Popeye by
The beat up truck with Maryland plates included three large green trashbags that were strapped down in the back. A skinny woman in the passenger seat took a swig off of a bottle and handed it to a guy in a baseball hat. He took one long pull and then spit it out of the open window…

Quicklube: A Fable by Milton T. Burton
It’s turning out to be an A-number-one-fine day for C.C. Chumly. He and several of his like-minded buddies are quaffing a few Tall Toad Pilsners at the Belly-Up Bar, a truly classy place in beautiful downtown Midland, Texas…

The Regret by
My scar is buried under six feet of solid Nordic dirt and ice, among the mass headstones there’s a grave marked with her name that has not been seen by these eyes…

Blue No. 1 by
He looked up from the table and our eyes were locked. After so many years, sometimes there is no need for words…

The Miracle of Highway Six by
Nevada is a washboard, an undulating series of mountains and valleys, and the roads cut straight across this ancient seabed. At the top of each peak, the view spreads down the road ahead, which goes in a straight line for miles and miles until it disappears into the next rise of the landscape…

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