Three days of relaxation

Three days ago, me and my group finished the ex.fac hand-in on how to analyze the logic in sentences, i.e "If p, then q. p. q." Really interesting, huh? That´s what I thought too.

Anyway, there are only 10-12 students left on campus, since everyone has moved to the city so we – the leftovers – thought we were going to do something together, having finished our tasks and all. Well, we should be reading on our Spanish, since the oral exams are in the following week starting tomorrow, but we should know enough to get by. For most of us A´s are not the goal, but getting by is:) I´m glad to tell you that my exam on Thomas S. Kuhn and his paradigms went very well, I am not that excited since I could have done better, but I got an A at least. Topnotch and everything.

So, we were going to do something. What is it to do in La Villa except drinking? Very little. So seven of us decided to go somewhere else for a day or two, get to see some scenery not made of concrete, and Soroa turned out to be a great destination, with jungles, mountains and waterfalls and all. We hired a bus having booked in at Hotel Costazul and went. We got there around ten in the morning, but everyone still hung over or even drunk from the night before was so tired, so the bed seemed like an ultimate option. I got a room all by myself and it was great just sleeping there for a while, until the gentlemen by the pool found out that their stereo could be cranked even louder, and waking up to a Salsa nightmare I decided to save some sleep for the night. Into the shower, I discovered a little note above the sink that said: "Please beware that the water can get over 50 degrees celsius." FINALLY! A decent shower! Not that I´m not content by the one me and Ola (the two other boys have left us, so it´s only me and him left in the penthouse:) has, but it never gets warm enough. I like hot showers. There´s nothing that can be compared to being boiled in the shower for one and a half hour. Great!

We met again at 2 p.m and got us some plain food to get rid of the worst of our hunger. Stomach 1/3 full, we found out that we couldn´t stay on the hotel until Sunday, so we were only granted one day at this paradise. Damn. We had a bit of a discussion on what to do, and pointing out the fact that none of us were prepared (or had the money) for a traveller´s adventure, we decided that one day would have to be it.

We went down to a restaurant, just besides a great park of orchids from all over the world, and had lunch – again – before the inevitable suggestion of exploring the waterfall nearby came up. Great idea, I´ve got my camera with me, and so had everyone else. All full, after a three course meal accompanied by a desert that was undescribably(?) distasteful and horrible and all that, we went into the jungle. It was beautiful. I´ve never seen anything like it, except in movies, but this was real. The waterfall, only about 60ft (or 20m) ended in a small pool called ´the lover´s pool´ and I can understand why. The atmosphere wasn´t just romantic, it was erotic, and as the area was about to close, a few couples had already found their way down there. Having neglected the bathingshorts when I was packing, I ran around taking pictures for a couple of hours while the other guys (and girls) were bathing in the waterfall. I shot about 70 pictures before the battery went:)

The following day we wanted to check out this mountainpeak, 400 metres above the ocean, which according to several touristguides should provide for quite an impressive view of the surrounding area – and even the coast. Some of us went by foot, me included, while others paid three dollars for a horse each. It was pretty steep at times, and not having excersized particulary much the last two years, I had quite a struggle getting up there. I was not the only one though. Finally at the top we were struck by an incredible view, beautiful scenery and large groups of hawks (or some other big, black birds) circling around us. Now, I am not afraid of heights. I only have this scaring thought of pushing someone else out of heights. I know, it sounds pretty psycho, but that´s the way it is. So I stayed a looong way from the edge while the others were taking photos and admiring the view. Getting down again was alot easier, at least for us who´d been walking, ´cause two of the three horses – and Ola´s horse in particular – were really lazy and stopped every three metres for food. It was hilarous.

Now, even though I didn´t get any reading done, it was a great vacation from La Villa and noisy Habana. I am not made for greater cities, at least not for long periods of time, and especially when I cannot see the ocean. That really freaks me out. Well, I suppose I´ve covered most of it now. Except for some beer, good discussions and cocky neighbours.. not to neglect the smoking of fine cigars; Montecristo no. 4. I could get really used to that:)

Now I´ll take a walk down to the ocean I guess, just to have a look at what´s going on in the horizont, and then maybe have a pizza or something, and go to sleep. Tomorrow it´s another seminar-thing, so it´s obligatory to come.. at nine o´clock!… See ya!

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