Link of the day: SpamRadio

I got a spam letter in my electronic & digital post box this morning. Its subject line read: "Five tips for swingers!" But I didn’t click it. I didn’t click it because a) I’m not a swinger and b) I know there be dragons and URLz! Instead I made up my own personal tips for swingers:

  1. Don’t cling when you swing! 
  2. No thong? Wear dong! 
  3. If d>1.3m then not threesome. If (d>1.3m)+(52xcards) you’re playing poker 
  4. Ménage aux trois gets you a table for three in French restaurants 
  5. Don’t be a pig. Especially when in Egypt 

If you got these stuck inside your brain, you should definitely check out my link of the day namely Spam Radio! The only radio station known to man which automatically converts spam e-mail to audio and stream it for your listening pleasure, spam! Spam! SPAM!

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