Scariest picture of the day: My office

The scariest picture of the day was taken this morning when I opened my office and realized that there wasn’t room for me anymore. Anywhere. To my colleagues I just have to say that I’m so sorry for all the scratches on your new laptop, but that’s what happens when they’re stacked in piles of 5 on top of each other, and I have to use it as a lunch table.. And still people come in here asking: "Do you have some available time today?" Try next year in September, and I’ll get back to you.

My office this morning
Three tool kits, brown package tape and a pack of tackit is all the hi tech you need!

Thank God for the Human Scale®™ laptop stand which enables me to figure out where my machines are.. I also use a KVM switch to interface with my sturdy XPC Glamour Shuttle box, running . Looking around me now (having finished with three laptops) there’s still a huge NAT backup solution on the chair next to me, a Dell 24" LCD still in the package, five 4:3 format LCDs that nobody wants, and twelve (12) laptops that require my attention since November 2008. That’s not counting my own laptop which has been dead for the same amount of time..

I had more space back when I sat in an open office, but it didn’t last long due to all the co workers that demanded peripheral oversight.. They claimed I ruined the ‘open’ part of the concept. On a more happy note, my Aloe Vera plant called Shai-Hulud (or just ‘Mons’ for short) thrives in the harsh environment! There’s even some unknown weed piggybacking. If you click the pic and hit All Sizes you can zoom in on the details. But I recommend not to.

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