More scary pictures from France and Italy!

Friday afternoon after I arrived home I sat down, got good and drunk and finally updated some family-friendly pictures from our trips to Rome (April 2008) and Paris (April 2009). Me and Lady C are birthday neighbours, but instead of pricey gifts we much rather indulge ourselves some great traveling experiences, a gift that keeps on giving. It’s nice to see the world, and it’s nice to arrive safely at home again too. When I travel I usually shoot day time photographs with my trusty semi-SLR FujiFilm Finepix S9500, while at night my Nokia N95 provides visual documentation. Lady C was really annoyed at first, having to wait at every street corner, because I found some interesting pigeon droppings on the sidewalk. But she’s come around, when in the aftermath, she can follow our trip day to day from one hour to the other:)

Roma April 2008

Temple of Saturn
The Temple of Saturn, Ancient Rome

Tiber by river boat

Restaurant in the old town
«We are against the war and the tourist menu!» (Trastevere)

Paris April 2009

Le Tour Effeil by night
Le Tour Eiffel at Night


Le Metro
Art Noveau kicks ass! I want more of it, everywhere!

None of the pictures have been re-touched. Friends and family can also see hilarious pix of yours truly.

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