Romeo Bleeding – Live from Austin

I just found this little news item in the online CD shelves:

Romeo Bleeding - Live from Austin

  1. Summertime/Burma-shave (Live) 
  2. Annie Back In Town/I Wish I Was Innew Orleans/Ain’t Gonna Rain (Live) 
  3. A Sweet Little Bullet From A Prett Blue Gun (Live) 
  4. On The Nickel (Live) 
  5. Romeo Is Bleeding (Live) 
  6. Silent Night/Christmas Card From Ahooker In Minneapolis (Live) 
  7. Small Change/Hey, Big Spender/Smal Change (Reprise) (Live) 

The songs are recorded at a live concert in Austin 1978, a great period in Waits’ career. We’ve heard the songs and recordings before, but I prefer a jewel case rather than a battered mp3 player any day. Please note that it is released by the Phantom Sound & Vision label, so who knows whether Waits get a taste of it.. Anyway. I ordered it right away, along with The Spirit of Apollo by N.A.S.A which features 1 track with Waits as Koew reported back in November.

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