Did you bring your towel?

It’s a beautiful and sunny May 25th, and today we celebrate international , commemorating Douglas Adams the author of Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I brought my towel to work today, and was as usual received with a mild mixture of skepticism, humor and praise. For those that are new around here, Towel Day requires you to wear a towel on your person for the entire day.

Towel Day 09
Here I demonstrate my strategic use of the towel in an admin meeting this morning

I’ve found that wearing a towel makes people around you pretty relaxed. Unless they think you’ve lost your mind of course. But most people laugh and comment on your personal hygiene and how sporty you look. You should try it, today, next year or any day of the year. Or every day of the year. A towel just might save you from an embarrassing situation. It might be an embarrassing situation. But you can always hide beneath it, and since it is such a lovely day outside I wear it as a sun block over my head. It also works as a great distraction when people come to talk with me about their deadlines. They fire up the subject all agitated, I slip under my soft, blue towel with crusty edges, and they’re all like: "OMG Where did he go?" The feeble mind of the office workers can’t stand the confusion and simply shuts down, making it seem like a dream or a false memory, leaving me free to do what I want with the day. And a happy day it is. Congratulations!

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