7 years old!

July 6 is the 187th day of the year and there are only 178 days remaining until the end of the year. Incidently, it’s also the official unofficial birthday of my website. Actually it’s the first post that was made 6th of July 2002, but the domain wasn’t ready for use until the 9th. lists my site as created the 7th of July approximately. You can’t actually pin it down to a single day because DNS stuff can take a while to sink in, especially on a global scale. But "frist post!" has gotta be a good point of origin. Or birthday, if you please.

So to celebrate I drove Lady C right up to RightPriceTiles where we looked at *drumroll* TILES! We even decided on what we’re gonna go for in the new bathroom. We’ve also a) checked out a machine that grind/polish old wooden floors, b) looked at fireplaces for my little library/study, c) discussed doors and how to make room for them, d) had sausages in a kiosk instead of C dragging me kicking and screaming to the local McDonald’s and x) XXX! By the way if you’re into interior design you should check out, who’s got the moulding rose we’ve been looking for. What can I say? We’re better people.

No vacation? Not really. I’m working until the 14th of July. The 15th we get the keys to the new place (formality), take some measurements and on the 16th it’s on! We’re gonna break up the floor, pull down the roof, hit down some wardrobes and start fixing up the place. I may work the following 1-2 week(s) depending on demand, but I’ll have most of August off work to get us settled in. And the 15th of August we have to be completely out of this place ’cause today we actually signed the contract with the new buyers. I feel like going …suckers! but Lady C would kill me. She’s been living here for six years. Perseverance. She’s gonna need it to stay sane in my company.

If that isn’t enough for you, check out this fish that changes from predator to plant eater and back! I was gonna add it as the scariest picture of the day, until I realized what day it is, and that it ain’t so scary with single cell fish after all. Could fit millions of them in my little tank. And my Killi would win. Now I am tired and must go to sleep. Leave congrats in the comments, please. See ya!

5 thoughts on “ 7 years old!

  1. Who the fuck are you!? I don’t even know you anymore.


    moulding rose?!

    wtf, man, wtf.


    *chuckle* are you gonna write the Lady C story at some point? She must have strong mojo to have made you so re-spec-ta-ble like.

  2. The tiles are made from the crushed bones of early Dark Ages immigrants. The moulding rose we consider has skulls & snakes circled around an enormous tit. And I ain’t talkin’bout birds.

    C story on the horizon (1 year and counting).

    Thanks, Bro & Pauly!

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