DIY Extreme Makeover: Making Progress!?!

The complete redecoration of our new flat is taking shape, although not as fast as you’d expect. I’m saying you but I was just as astonished by the amount of shit hidden in those walls and under the floors. Floors as in plural. Not to mention all the bricks. My shoulders are still crying. Here’s everything else than bricks:

Rosenhof waste material
Waste material

We’re 90% done with the deconstruction I’d say, and only a few percentage into actually re-building our home. With our old flat sold and left behind to a very happy young couple, we’re temporarily staying at Lady C’s sister’s place, where we even have our own room and a personal housemaid! .. Just kidding. It’s on the 5th floor with a glass veranda and lots of old, smelly people in the hallway. Anyway, here’s a before and after of our livingroom as of today:

Livingroom as purchased

Livingroom deconstructed

As you can see the last photo was taken a bit closer to the study, the piano in the first image is in the middle of it, and the door has been widened to allow for a classic double door from Sweden. But it is the same flat nevertheless. The floors are off and only need to polish them and they are done. Before that though, the new ceiling and walls have to be laid:

Rosenhof stendverk by, on Flickr

… not to mention impregnate this wall.. hehe..

Brick wall impregnation

We are working every single day on the makeover, so we’re often positively surprised when someone visits — such as my brother today — and says how much work we’ve done. Because the list of Absolutely Everything that Needs to be Done is still very long, and very little is checked out as of today. Except the garbage. We’re still waiting for the bills:)

2 thoughts on “DIY Extreme Makeover: Making Progress!?!

  1. Your site was down yesterday. T thought maybe you go carried away with the demolition.

    I hope you’re wearing your lumberjack outfit through all this- would hate to miss the photo ops.

  2. Actually, Lady C bought me carpenter pants from Snicker. It’s very likely that Jesus wore those too. You can’t put up a light wall on uneven flooring in a makeshift bathrobe.

    But I am still wearing my lumberjack-pattern shirts, till the day that I die!

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