running out of space

As your comatose relative(s) may have completely failed to notice,’s database was down and up and down the last couple of days. At first it was deemed a configuration issue but it turned out I had churned out more words than my megabytes of storage could allow for. This could happen again! So just check in a day later. I’m always around.

Slight malfunction Jesus
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My generous host Enavn has raised the upper limit to allow for the page to still be displayed while I decide what to do.

I was taken aback by this situation since I was under the clear impression that I had paid for database storage in addition to my "normal", flat-file webspace. Add to this a site administration tool that clearly says I have more than half a gig to go on and you can see the contour of my general bafflement. Alas, I will have to go through the digital paperwork and find out what is what and how much is it and why not or else. To cut down in the amount of words I may have to drp ‘vry vwl ‘n rder 2 sve spce.. But you can’t twitter a god damn train of thought unless you’re a master of text-speak. Which I am not. When I send an SMS there are often multiple references to messages of the past, which I have numbered sequentially according to sender and receiver, so that Ref#SI-B421 and Ref#HA-SI883 exclamation mark exclamation mark space smiley..

In the meantime it’s business as usual. I mean, breakfast as usual. See ya!

4 thoughts on “ running out of space

  1. If you need something stored for a while, I got like 5GB over at It’s not like I’ve gotten to use it yet…

  2. Yeah, I know. But I like to keep everything (except backups) in one place rather than having to track it down later.. I will probably just up the storage for a while until I’ve gotten the whole migragtion to Drupal thing done. Thanks anyway!

  3. Yeah, no problem. I was just (again) looking at’s layout and realised it’s quite hard to find the search bar. Looking forward to the changes, though!

  4. I don’t use the search bar. Google’s got me indexed but if I want to keyword blog posts only I just add an /?s=keyword after the domain. Of course, I won’t expect anyone else to do that:)

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