Scariest picture of the day: Benny Bankboks 1978

The scariest picture of the day is a crop from Dagbladet’s frontpage today.

Benny Bankboks the REAL father of Mr. S?
Dagbladet: «Remember Benny Bankboks? He strikes again!» (Photo: Leif Høel)

Benny Bankboks is the nickname of one of Norway’s most famous bank robbers, Jan Petter Askevold. The 12th of March 1978 he robbed 143 safe-deposit boxes in an Oslo bank, thus the name "Bankboks" meaning safe-deposit box. He got away with something like 1.3 million Norwegian crowners and fled to Brazil and then Switzerland, where he was apprehended. He was jailed for almost four years. In 2001 the police apprehended him in a drug case. In 2002 he was arrested again but this time for stealing ladies underwear in a Lindex shop in Oslo, but the last few years has been relatively quiet, while he’s been working as an editor in the pornographic literature biz. And now he’s been up to something again apparently. But that’s not the scary bit.

The scary bit is that the image of the young Benny Bankboks above is a spitting image of my friend the Mysterious mr. S! A picture says a thousand words they say, but this picture rather poses a question and one in particular; is Benny Bankboks the REAL FATHER of the Mysterious mr. S?

The similarity is uncanny! He’s got the face, obviously, but also the same style of clothing as well as the arrogant smugness that follows being Holier than Thou. And everyone who knows mr. S knows that he is, in fact, Holier than Thou. Not that it takes much ’cause Thou’s an asshole. But if you put this picture on a poster with a hundred grand reward people would bring the unhappy chap mr. S along to claim it! Also, when imprisoned the inmate was said to show extraordinary good behaviour, which incidentally coincides with the somewhat theatrical courtesy displayed by the mysterious mr. S when he finds himself in good company. That’s not to mention that Benny was a free man upon my good friend’s conception. Or the connection to erotic literature. And the underwear of course. I’m at a loss!

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