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A colleague sent me this link to Q the podcast, featuring an interview with Tom Waits himself. It’s a great interview starting off as a conversation about film, then moves on to his role in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, and at the end of it he reveals that Tom Waits will release a Glitter and Doom live album on Thanksgiving! News to me!

Download or listen to the Q podcast from 2nd of October here!
The Tom Waits interview starts around 00:21:10.

As you may remember me and Lady C and a whole group of our friends went to his last two concerts (I only saw the next to last) in Dublin, Ireland at the end of July. It was a memorable event, and because there was a lot of recording going on we suspected the shooting of a DVD or a live album. Could be both.. Either way, I’m seriously looking forward to it, because even though the NPR recorded concert in Atlanta was a superb recording (download / stream it here) it didn’t feature all the songs he played in the concert that we went to. It would be awesome if they released the Dublin songs that we actually went to. In any case, this is great news for all Tom Waits fans laying the foundations for a great Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Tom Waits CBC interview podcast

  1. OMG! Check out this quote as well:
    “Now I really feel like a huckster, but there’s an extra disc in there that is just my quixotic ruminations between songs, at the piano. It’s added value, as they say. Hurr hurr!””

    Citation here.

    This is going to be awesome^awesome. That’s right: Awesomesquared.

  2. Brilliant. Apart from Irish men actually working and something about a spider, I really can’t remember all of the in-betweens that glued the show together.

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