Just dirt in the ground..

Before I had to run to catch the bus for work this morning, I wild-eyedly put the latest tracks of Tom on my trusty telephone. Fall has come to the sorry parts of Oslo now. The mountains of concrete and the tall trees that carry onto their leaves like sailors to their dreams, leave great frozen shadows of frost on the ground beneath them. Like imprints of history, they will disappear when the touch of sun can reach them. For now, though, they are cold as bodies.

By the time I got to Tøyen Tom Waits’ hymn from the 80’s existentialist album, Bone Machine, a title explained in its songs – DIRT IN THE GROUND was filling up my soul like embalming fluid. Even more than a year later, just thinking about that concert brings a tear to my eyes. Good times.

Dirt in the Ground [ed]

I snapped this photo before rounding the corner to my work. Living like refugees, this last month has been hard. But we’re getting there. The pieces are coming together, but just so painfully slow. This weekend however we’re having a joint session with me friends to tear down the kitchen. The new one won’t be ready until mid November, but there are enough for us to do until then. SO HEAVE AWAY BOYS!

4 thoughts on “Just dirt in the ground..

  1. Just posting to say I love the photo.

    Oh, and my husband wants to go to Oslo and experience the fall in all its beauty now. He’s crazy about Norway.

  2. I walk past this bench every time I go to work. It always make me think back to the Good Old Days of Yore, when horses shat down the city and people said hello to each other on the street..

    Norway is beautiful during autumn. But Oslo looks like shit, most of the time. What can I say? It’s a steal and metal village, a bowl of stressed people minding their own business. Meh. Gotta love it:)

  3. Good news for my husband, then. He loves when people mind their own business. One question: Do many people suffer from the allergies in Oslo? I am very sensitive to… basically anything. Hahaha, I’m asking all this, like I have the money AND passport to travel now.

  4. What most people do NOT know is that Norway is on the same latitude as northern Alaska. But thanks to the heat from the Gulf Stream we have a very moderate climate (when compared to Alaska say), which means allergies..

    But if you go up north to Troms and Finmark you’re not gonna have those kind of problems at all. There was this one financial bigshot who became allergic to the trees and whatnot in adulthood, and now he travels tax free to Finmark every Spring where he can’t even feel it.

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