U.S Declares war on Norway and vice versa!

Two of our frontmen, since I am supposed to be somewhat neutral in this matter, mr. Mirza (djMIB) and mr. Pauly (Tenzin McGrupp) from Norway and the U.S of A (respectively) have declared war on each other´s choice of Female of the year 2003.

On Mirza´s frontpage you can now read the following message (among others) directed towards all Norwegians about his Angelina Jolie campaign (interpreted by yours truly):
The battle has come down to America and Europe (specifically Norway). Allright! This is why we must make Norway and Europe proud of us. Engage all you know, don´t let the Americans win this battle! First and foremost, vote for Angelina Jolie! If Milla wins then Norway has lost, but it´s not as bad as if Katie Holmes should win. In addition to be incredible beautiful, Jolie does her part of making the world a better place (she´s a Goodwill Ambassador in the UN)!
While on the other side of the battle, the Americans are going for Katie Holmes using slogans such as: "The good… Ms. Katie Holmes, the lovely, the talented, the girl next door we all love." Here´s an excerpt on mr. Pauly´s attack on the Norwegian and European voters: It boils down to this: the US (and my one Canadian reader) versus Norway and the rest of the Eurotrash, non-showering, chainsmoking, butt-cheese… I don’t know about you, but I think this is a classic battle of good and evil. While also mentioning something about the Evil Norwegian Goth-like Junta. Interesting.

Somehow the picture is painted like this: Americans vote for Holmes, Norwegians vote for Jolie, while Europeans in general vote for Jovovich.

Here´s the current score among the top three ladies (at 10:55 Cuban time):
1. Milla Jovovich: 30%
2. Angelina Jolie: 29%
3. Katie Holmes: 26%

I refuse to comment this situation in order to stay neutral, allthough Mirza has claimed me impartial by the excerpts of Pauly´s campaign on my site. A delicate matter indeed! But let men (and women) settle this in men´s (and women´s) fashion: go ahead and vote!

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