No wonder it's among the greatest movies of all time…

When you wake up from a terrible nightmare, as opposed to the really pleasant ones, it’s always great to turn around in the bed and land your arm on the gal of your choice. Milla Jovovich! Or, as it very well is in my case, Lady C. It immediately dulls the sting of fear that just previously penetrated you like a cancerous icicle.. Which hands you a great opportunity to further elaborate on the nightmare, from the comfortable distance of being surrounded by the warmth of a fellow human being.

Of course, later on she tells you she had a terrible dream in which you were a complete asshole and that she can’t help but still wanting to punch your face, and it puts things back into perspective. Better than coffee.

Last night I had another dream in the Jurassic Park category. I’ve had plenty of them, but I’ve also read Freud, and can’t see anything wrong about being scared of velociraptors or T-Rexes chasing you down to eat you. In fact it may well serve its purpose when I finally meet one face to face. I’ll know what to do! I’ll just toss around in bed.

This time I was a part of a pseudo-family, bunch of kids I half-knew, and we were voluntarily entering the dinos’ domain! We could be orphans in an orphanage on safari, or taken in by foster parents, in any case it was just like those American family-friendly TV shows where the family ties are rather vague but everyone seems to get along. You can’t really tell if "the parents" are the parents or not, but that’s beside the point!

Anyway, the quote unquote father of the household was a Victorian-style explorer and/or scientist and/or Indiana Jones, and he was supposed to chase down T-Rexes for some reason. Just like you bring down cattle for branding, he and his men were going to lure the Rex into submission, and what do you know; THEY WOULD DO IT JUST IN FRONT OF THE DOORSTEP.

We had moved into this old, abandoned, colony-style building to setup base. All the kids had duties but I was sort of new to the deal and was shown around the premises. It was a really nice place, but hey, the man-eating monsters of yore were like right over there! We were doing the chores when we witnessed the "father" being chased by a T-Rex down the road, and recognized it as completely normal. No biggie. I’m still shrugging just thinking about it. But then for some reason the hunt went wrong and the T-Rex took a turn to the right when they were passing the building and it headed straight for us!

There was a girl and a boy hiding with me. The girl sort of reminded me of Christina Ricci in The Addams Family, and she posed the role as a big sister. The one in charge. But the boy was also familiar with the routine of not being eaten by a Tyrannosarus Rex, leaving only me shitlessly scared trying to make my body follow the instructions she was giving us.
The T-Rex didn’t have very acute hearing, and couldn’t see stuff if it didn’t move, so I gather it must have been the same one that starred in the movie. She told us not to move, and we did as she said right up until the last minute when the Rex was about to lose interest and continue chasing people down the dirt road WHEN I MOVED AND KICKED A PEBBLE!

I swung around the corner into the house and managed to stay completely still while the Rex was checking out the spot I had just been sitting. Which was one and a half meter from where the boy and the girl was sitting.

I can’t remember exactly what happened, but the next thing I do remember was standing in the adjacent barn up on that part that’s also at great biting-height if you’re a T-Rex, looking down on the girl and the boy still on the floor, and a furiously interested carnivore chasing them around the place. And that’s when I woke up I think, into the arms of Lady C. And that’s it, more or less. She had to go to work and I proceeded to master the skills of door fitting, still in my sleep. Huh.

4 thoughts on “No wonder it's among the greatest movies of all time…

  1. I find dreams to be a time-and-money-sucking vortex that’ll leave you dry and empty inside (both soul and wallet) when you’re done with ’em…

  2. And girls? Hah, let me tell you something about girls. You just lie there in bed, then BAM! it hits you. I’ve had girls that did all kinds of weird shit to me head, and when I woke up I was dizzy and scared. Girls, eh? You can’t trust them, except if you do the lucid-thingy, I guess…

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