Scariest picture of the day: These shoes are made for walking

Yep, these shoes were made for walking, they’re called "walking shoes", and they also came in the distinct color of black.


That’s half a year of garbage dust, plaster and mortar dust, spackle remains and paint stains on what were a pair of brand new, black walking shoes. They creak like a nervous hamster in a perfume lab when I walk. I’m becoming a slob. In fact, both of us are. Last week we had pork chops for dinner twice. Before all this, before I met Lady C, I would consider myself lucky if I had it twice every six months or so. But last week we had pork chops twice. Slowly, but surely, we’re turning into trailer trash.

Last night having finished the last wall in the new kitchen, we spent an hour looking at photos from August till today. It was literally gut-wrenching. To see more of the pictures from the apartment makeover head over to my flickr set called Extreme DIY 2009. There isn’t that much there yet, but it’ll grow. We’re taking pictures every day as we make ourselves the home of our dreams.

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