Happy belated 25th Birthday Kornelius!

This Saturday my good old friend Kornelius turned 25 years old! The jingle:

wow Happy belated Birthday Kornelius! wow
wow wow wow wow wow

I’ve known Kornelius since we were like 6-7 years old when he was a complete asshole, solely because he was in the A-class and I was in the B-class, until we teamed up with the Army Dude to form – the one and only grunge band of Northern Norway. And the best.

Kornelius is a very good friend of mine and the infamous author of great works such as Untitled 1, Untitled 2 and Misc. untitled tales that are yet to be published. Sadly, both I and Lady C were too exhausted from construction work on Saturday to even consider a night out to celebrate, but we promise a great party when our flat’s finished and ready for the test. For another 25 good years, skål!

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