Last five pics

Here’s the last five pics on my flickr photo account:

Tom Waits' 60-year birthday cover concert
The final act in Tom Waits’ 60th Anniversary Tribute Concert in Oslo
At this point all the performers got on stage and sang
Innocent when you dream with the audience. It was sold out!

Locker room
The locker room by the shower at work where I take care of my personal hygiene these days..

Norwegian cuisine..
My first ever taste of the Norwegian X-mas tradition: Smalahove (sheep’s head)
It tasted just like mutton, only stronger. I didn’t try the eyeballs or the brain, saving that treat for later.

OMG Gay Christmas!
Christmas is so gay..

My vegetative friend, the Shai-Hulud, a.k.a Mons (see more Mons pics here)

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