Tidbits of teh Obama man and new photos

When I got up late this morning and turned on the radio, the news reporter was drowned down in shouting, police dogs barking and helicopter noise. The warzone she was reporting from was downtown Oslo, because one hour prior to my rising up from bed TEH OBAMA MAN! had landed on Norwegian soil. They effin’ closed down one of the busiest highways in Norway (Oslo-Gardermoen) for this guy.. Let’s hope he’s worth it, not to mention the gold price in peace making. I mean, the speech was good, but I’ve heard speeches that ended upon the last word in the sentence and carried no effect on the space-time continuum other than broken expectations.

Didn’t I go to see it?
Heck no. A man’s got to work. Put food on the table.

I’ve added 30 new photos to the Extreme DIY 2009 gallery. Enjoy the weekend!

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