X-Mas Card from a corp. com. off. in Singapore (called Ivy)

While Charlie may have got a X-mas card from a hooker in Minneapolis, I am so lucky as to receive a X-mas card from at Nanyate.com in Singapore! Ivy is a twenty-something "corporate communications officer at a major Asian telco" whom I got to know through the network of -users and associates (remember Michael Park the pimp?) some years back. We share a common interest in weblogs, communication, design and IT gadgetry.

X-mas card from Ivy @ Nanyate.com
X-Mas card from lying on Das Keyboard

While the internet grows incrementally into our daily affairs, we think less of the marvels of technology, such as how an Instant Message can appear instantly on a monitor at the other side of the globe after pressing enter, or without even pressing enter, and we’re simply not impressed anymore. It’s already old. We know how it works, we expect it to, and we’re only amazed when stuff goes wrong. On the other hand, when I received this X-mas card from the other side of the world I was really amazed. And thankful, of course. But the power of old-world technology, a.k.a the pen & paper as well as the sneakernet, really beats any Second Life achievements to date.

Just think about it for a second. That little piece of paper has traveled all the way from Singapore, by how many proxies, only to find its way to a green metal box outside my door.. WHOA! It’s sort of like paying extra for hand-made stuff when the factory products are just as good or better, and cheaper! It shows the effort involved. It reeks of appreciation and devotion. And a lot of spare time on one’s hands, AFAIK Ivy wrote like 50 of these! Anyway, here’s the text that traveled some 10065 kilometers (in straight-line mind you) only to be converted to 1s and 0s for your voyeuristic pleasure:

X-mas card from Ivy @ Nanyate.com

I’ve been up and down, Ivy. Severely so, I should add, given that my usual window of venting is kept from me by the forces of practicality. In other words, I can’t bemoan my particulars online as much as I used to, and until my study’s finished I have nowhere to be creative and alone — a need I’ve had since I was very young. (Oh my God, I’m starting to sound like the emo twats of the Twilight movies..! Yup, I really need to get creative FAST or else!) But I’m hanging in there, much thanks to my beloved Lady C! The building process has run into a snag at the moment, because it is too cold in Oslo to work with cement-based products. This has given us some time to rest and catch up with ourselves, which proved to be very much needed. What a luck! I will continue posting pics to our dedicated Extreme DIY 2009 picture set, and a round-up when we reach equilibrium. But I must confess that every time I stop and have a look at our flat and think how nice it will become, be it a ceiling, a wall, or simply the size of it all that triggers it — I am truly in awe. Thumbs up!

As you might notice some parts have been cut out from the original picture. It was probably removed by Flickr.com due to severely foul language.. or not. But hey! It’s a Christmas card, yay! We put it in our brand new kitchen with the others, to remind us of our friends and family during this extremely cold January month when the building rate is slow and our mood is low. Thanks again, Ivy! I figure the only way to repay you would be to send you a signed pet poodle and have it delivered by steam boat, piece by piece, and have it re-assembled and delivered by your local taxidermist. On a second thought, I’m not sure if you’re allergic to dogs. Have a nice weekend anyway!

2 thoughts on “X-Mas Card from a corp. com. off. in Singapore (called Ivy)

  1. Hey Sigge! Glad you finally received my cards. It took a damn long time to get there. o.O I sent it in early December and you only just received it this month.

    I’m still so amazed that you’re DYI-ing your house. Over here, we rely on contractors for everything. LOL. Well, do keep us updated with your progress once winter is over! :)

  2. Thanks, Ivy!
    Well with the economy being what it is and more and more people realizing all the stuff you can do yourself, add the internet’s howtos to the mix, and you got yourself a money-saving DIY population. Besides from learning a lot of stuff re: construction, it’s also very fun.

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