Want to Keep on Rockin' in a Free World?

I don’t see why the USA, EU or any other international or domestic entity would embrace the patent philosophy which does NOT in its current form protect the artist, programmer or entrepreneur’s interests; thus maintaining the ancient rule of de facto hierarchies and monopolies, as well as preventing innovation in a world where it is very much needed.

I also strive to fathom those who fight against the community driven efforts for sharing and collaborating without regard of the intellectual property lie, its laws and the man made borders of nations. And I can only see Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt as the explanation.

stopsoftwarepatents.eu petition banner

I got this petition from the Eurolinux mailing list:

Eurolinux advocates policies which lead to European Digital Independence: Full-scale Linux migration, market order & interoperability enforcement, mandatory open standards, abolition of software patenting, and sustainable public investments in Linux development for the preservation of our digital liberties. Software from the public sector ought to be licensed as free and open source software (FLOSS) to promote job creation, skills development and re-use in Europe. Eurolinux aims to overcome strategic dependencies of our critical information infrastructure which put Europeans at risk.

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