Scariest picture of the day: Pissing in the snow

I know it’s sort of half-assed and you can barely see the last C and K, but fuck it. Take the time to zoom in on the goddamn thing, it’s Friday! And

ScaryDuck outside my work

The scary thing about this picture is not the poor font that I used, or that it’s written in ALL CAPS, nor the state of my mental health. Or that it doesn’t depict a snow cock at all. No. The most scary thing is that this picture was taken from my boss’ balcony that’s adjoined to his office. And not just My boss, but the Boss of the the whole Foundation. I walked in there, snowy and wet, and asked: "Hello there. Can I use your balcony?" He replied on a positive, yet puzzled note, just as long as I wouldn’t chuck myself over the balcony. "I wasn’t planning to."

The guy in the picture is our Special Technical Adviser (read: janitor) having a fag outside the annex. He did not disagree to be in the picture… And the police car in the upper left(*) just sort of showed up for the heck of it. I promise, I am not mad. Have a nice weekend!

(*) squeakypony just let me know that it should be upper right, not left. Right.

4 thoughts on “Scariest picture of the day: Pissing in the snow

  1. Oh, that snow cock was pretty impressive!

    One question: Does “He did not disagree to be in the picture” really mean he didn’t agree to be in the picture either?

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