Truckin' January 2010, Vol. 9, Issue 1: It's 2010 Lighten Up!

The greatest poker blogger of all time & long term friend, Pauly of the , is back again with another issue of . Yay! Two thousand and ten has just come around the corner and the OMG! flying cars! stories are yet to be seen, when Pauly goes ahead and makes a comment like: "Thanks Benjo. You’re like one of four people who actually read it. I appreciate that! (Benjo is a small French feller.)

What a load of shite!

The Truckin’ stories are read by a lot of people. To name a few: Pauly, (editor), Sean T. Kelly, George Tate (to name current contributors), me, my girlfriend, a pick of all those you’ve got on your poker blog listing things, my , the Mysterious mr. S, Kornelius (to name a few friends), and all those angsty teens finding our archived stories on the internet a couple of years after they were written. Add to that a little French feller and you’ve got more than ten at the least!

Yes, we don’t get a lot of feedback right now, but who knows? In fifty years’ time they’ll refer to it in History of Literature books. Or not. Doesn’t matter. It’s a small, concise and dependable outlet of the human condition that is somewhat exclusive being that there are so many group blogs and wikis out there for fanfiction and what have you that blossom the first six months and disappear. This is not that. This is Truckin’. Yes, I might not get around to reading the latest issue right away, or even in time of the new one, but I often find myself browsing the older stuff when I’m there (I got all my stories listed right here in case you were wondering), and it’s like a time machine!

Having a lot of readers is amazing for five minutes. Having the right readers is a whole lot more interesting situation. You’ve got the creativity, the buzz, the naked ladies and the guy hanging from the chandelier. If it had been a party it would have been the happening place. Hard work will bring it around soon enough. Check out George Tate’s story by the way. Good stuff. Pauly writes:

We’re kicking off 2010 with a little mystery because I’m publishing the first anonymous submission in the history of this breezy e-zine. The January issue also marks the debut of Sean T. Kelly. I’m pleased to say that George Tate is back with another trucking tale and I shared not one, but two stories for this issue including a taste of fiction and thoughts on a flavorful trip to Miami.


Tubes Under Sand by
The massive and elaborate tunnel system was cluttered with insane Vietnam vets eating black widow spiders, heroin addicts shooting up in the darkness, and methheads cooking up a new batch of Nazi crank…

No Era Mi IntenciĆ³n (I Meant No Harm) by Sean T. Kelly
We weren’t the only local wildlife in that town, population 237. Hawks circled overhead hunting for prey. Iguanas scurried aimlessly across the sidewalks heading for the security of the underbrush…

Unpublished by Anonymous
He could look away from the noose he’s woven. He could find something else into which he can comfortably slip. He has the power and he’s done it before.

Down the Upward Staircase by George Tate
Bebop was one of those guys kind of handicapped in the girl department. He had been shy all his life and never a ladies man. He wasn’t strange or picky. He always looked at the girls and when he couldn’t go anymore would find his pick in a massage parlor or on his running board…

Dispatches from Miami: The Lot by
Deviant derelicts crawl out of the shadows and invading the parade of freaks. That’s when the inmates eventually take over the asylum…

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