Last five pics

Here’s the last five flicks from my :

Melodi Grand Prix (Eurovision 2010)
Just like last year we absolutely had to go to the
Melodi Grand Prix (Eurovision song contest) national final, something of a horrid family tradition. Here’s the "Epic Metal" band called Keep of Calessian or something. It wasn’t epic but I voted 14 times for these pricks just to give a fuck. And they still didn’t win :(

Floortiles in the hallway just finished
A picture of our hallway with the new tile floor just laid out (no grouting yet). See more @

Setting up 6 MSI Wind U123s
Among my irregular tasks is setting up disposable hardware for fieldwork all over the world. These are 6 netbooks (of 17) that are going out to gather information about the world, further away than I’ve ever been! There’s also this video, of course:

A trolley of goodness
These 9 had to be returned to sender, because they were Norwegian-only. Very unfortunate, as these Lenovos are the nicest looking netbooks I’ve seen in quite a long while.

Nice café restroom, eh?
This pic is from a local café at Place de Carl Berner in Oslo, Norway. Nice, eh?
I mean, just look at this place! You can buy a coffee over the counter, head for the toilet and just sit there with your little candle and a newspaper, and if the coffee is too strong and everything goes HORRIBLY WRONG you got the hose ready right next to you! Brilliant!

2 thoughts on “Last five pics

  1. I like the toilet!

    There is something very private about toilets, apart from the obvious. You can just, wel… Sit, relax, read newspaper, enjoy the candlelight and the coffee. Now isn’t that nice?

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