Something went BOOM in Oslo City!

I met up with Lady C down at Oslo City after work to burn some cash and save a lot of money as well, acc. to C.

We where in line at a woman’s underwear shop when something went BOOM very loudly. I headed out to see what was going on.

Nothing really. People were looking around in disbelief and a few kids were running down the escalators which were going up. Amusing. I wrote this in my notes:

There was a loud bang in Oslo city @16:30 and the following panic that ensued was largely, well, not all that much to talk about.
Security was running around but that was more or less it.
Like I said to Lady C, we should get a move on to the next shops so we don’t have to stand in a big line. Unfortunately that’s what everybody else was thinking..

I don’t know what it was but since the news ain’t catching up with the story, I guess it was just someone getting shot or something. It just didn’t seem real nor dangerous.

Now we’re home again, and Lady C is showing me all the clothing she bought to save alot of money. And she’s asking me to comment everything: "What do you think bout this?"
I tell you friends, this here? This is WHAT DANGEROUS FEELS LIKE!

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