What Happened to Fraser Lewry at blogjam.com? IT'S ALIVE!

The creator of Kittenwar and author of same book, , entered my personal blogosphere through his blog posts of HUMONGOUS MEALS! To name a few, we have the Scotch Ostrich Egg, the African Safari BBQ dishes, the Pork Pie extravaganza lest we forget his self-admitted chocolate prostitution all of which still makes me drool.

He is quoted as saying: Meat is murder: lovely, tasty murder. So we were amazed to learn that the bacon bra was made by someone else entirely. Because apart from cats (that Fraser could not keep in his house), and his love for traveling weird places (including Grønland in Oslo!), it was all about food. And people love food. And big food means big love.

Kittenwar became very famous, even Stephen Colbert had a skit about it, and he was publishing a kittenwar book and traveling then BOOM! All of a sudden his blog went silent. It had become increasingly infrequent over the years, but he had a steadfast following that still asks for updates. And I am one of them. You can see our one-way attempt at communication on his last blog post Rare "I am not dead" update from 2nd of December 2008. Being one of my favorite blogs, I still visit at least three times a week to check for updates. Since 2008! If I were to shut down Sigg3.net for some reason, I would at least put up a sign on the front page saying "This blog is shut down. Here’s my archive!" and link to archived posts and pictures. Because I feel I have an obligation to do so.

Being who he is and where he travels (he’s been to North Korea quite a few times) one might as well think that he came to upset Kim Jong-Il with an unfortunate turn of events in the kitchen, making his infamous Penguin Feet Risotto or whatnot, and is idling spending his days cooking in a North Korean prison. But he is not. In fact, Fraser is still alive and free to roam about!

I recently found his flickr photostream where the last picture is from January 12th 2010, depicting a Himalayan panorama! The pic belongs to a set called India/Nepal 2010 and could be a way to communicate that he’s backpacking across the world again. But the complete lack of internet communication, except for a set of pictures which could have been faked or just old with false EXIF data, leaves at least some uncertainty as to this creature’s persisting existence.

The conspiracy theories I then leave you with before lunch are as follows: a) He is captured by Kim Jong-Il as a slave-cook, and using North Korea’s cyberarmy creates a false sense of Fraser’s presence elsewhere. Fraser doesn’t complain because KJI has a sex army as well. b) He food-poisoned the wrong guy and was "taken care of", think politician or someone high in showbiz. Could be a president. Could be your average kitten lover. Could be you! c) Fraser was a pioneer living in the 1860s but his great ideas of humongous meals were ideas so much ahead of his time that the Church and the Establishment felt threatened. And so all of his works and travels were collected by a small cult, slowly leaking the information to the rest of society step by step, and slowly make the world ready for big eating. The internet was just the last step in the grand plan of the Blogjam genius. The reason the blog stopped is just because they’ve ran out of material. The world is again voluptuous and Fraser’s work is done. I dunno. Fraser, could you help us here?

2 thoughts on “What Happened to Fraser Lewry at blogjam.com? IT'S ALIVE!

  1. Whoa! Fast response!:)
    But hang on a minute. Resting? I like resting too! I take naps after dinner 30-50 minutes, and they say that it makes you live longer in addition to not making me grumpy in the evenings.
    You’re gonna live to you’re 350..

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