Scariest picture of the day: Electrocute Yourself It's So Much Fun!

Me and Lady C were scavenging for food at SMART Club in Alna, a ten minute ride from downtown Oslo, when I practically stumbled over this little gem on a package of heated flooring:

Little girl electrocuting herself

We didn’t buy it though I really wanted to. I mean, look at it! That lil’ girl is having so much fun electrocuting herself that she’s shitting her pants and throwing a fit! CLEAR! But Lady C said no.

Also, yesterday when I was on the tram on the way home there was a guy getting ready to get off, who licked his earplugs before putting them away. That is scary, I thought, and wrote it down. Add 10 more minutes standing at the exit, listening to music n’ being all cool and stuff then SNEEZING! all over myself. Intergalactic karma, guys, keep that in mind. Have a shocking weekend!

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