OMG Horny web dev alert!

Screenshot of the Canton HiFi webpage right now:

Music is EROTICISM for your ears? wtf?

The tell-tale mouse-over caption reads: Music is EROTICISM FOR THE EARS
Dude, wtf? Analogy FAILS!

6 thoughts on “OMG Horny web dev alert!

  1. Because sex sells. Everything needs to be presented as sexy in order to sell. Even if in makes no sense for something to be sexy.

    There are many other sex analogies they could use here, for example: “play this. get laid.” Or something like that.

  2. Hehehehe.

    You WON’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER gets a whole new meaning now.. I see.

    But from fun to facts; sexuality in advertising is as old as the wheel (in fact, it’s part of the mating ritual), but where I come from it is supposed to be SUBTLE. The Canton site’s mouse-overs just scream for attention. And I don’t think it’s irony either. Just a poor, lonely web dev who never got laid…

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