10 Random Things I find Annoying

Mira @ just posted a list and asked for comments. I don’t usually post this kind of crap on my own website, I just litter the comments of others’, but today (right now) I’m standing in for the receptionist where I work for an hour so why not kill some time?

  1. Papercuts 
  2. Premature ejaculation (the 1 or 2 times it has happened) 
  3. Self-centered, underwhelming blogs 
  4. People who call themselves authors just because they’ve released a book about kittens 
  5. The built-in browser of the Nokia N95 (especially reading /.) 
  6. Showbiz (and/or falsehood) 
  7. Having to weigh responsibilities against my personal projects 
  8. The Microsoft stronghold on the IT market 
  9. George Lucas 
  10. Capitalism 

So there you have it! Please add yours in the comments. Or not.

10 thoughts on “10 Random Things I find Annoying

  1. Yes, Sigg3, I am the one posting crap on her website. (not sarcasm). Crap needs love too, you know. (doesn’t it?)

    Anyway, your list is great, though I don’t know what #2 might be. :P And now I am jealous: you remembered capitalism and I didn’t! It would certainly made my list!

    But what’s wrong with books about kittens?????

  2. The problem of number 5 is that the in-built browser might not send user agent type as handheld device.

    Or it’s Slashdot that doesn’t have a handheld device-specific CSS. Which is terrible considering /. is for nerds.

  3. @Mira: Nothing wrong about kitten books. I should have written [RAND TOPIC] but it was the first thing I could think of:)
    Point I was trying to make was that even though something is published doesn’t make it worthwhile to read (Norwegian literature mostly sucks, though there are hidden gems that get little notice. And I’m not speaking about myself, as of yet unpublished:)

    Didn’t mean any offense by the crap sentiment, it’s just that I’ve been avoiding lists like these like the plague. But since I didn’t have anything better to do at work today.. :)

    @koew: It does and it doesn’t. The problem is that it has access to very little memory although the phone is all empty, so /. with all its comments often crash. But I’ve heard a bird’s tale about a Mozilla browser for Symbian 3rd ed. so I might check that out. My phone bills run REAL HIGH atm since I surf so much on 3G. I need a data plan.

  4. What about Opera Mini? I tried it on my N5800 and it worked well enough, but the built-in browser does a decent job so I’m sticking with it till I need something better (hopefully not?).

  5. @Ivy: Also, I wouldn’t have a particular specially crafted technology which IMHO are very important when it comes to phones.

    Seriously though, I’ve yet to see a better telephone than the Nokia N95.

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