Michael Park the Pimp is Back

My good old friend Michael Park the Pimp (#1172), who coined the phrase «Pimpin’ ain’t easy» because he’s sat in a wheelchair, seems to have sought out a new venue of income these days. Here’s a screenshot of his homepage taken today:

According to the blog their real URL is www.romapizzeria.com.sg

Apparently they serve Hawaiian pizzas, Pepperoni, Cheesy, BBQ Chicken and several Italian pizzas too such as Roma, Italia and Milan. And they’re all named "Magnus Something" which is a bit weird, given that Magnus is a pretty regular first name in Europe (but yes I know it means big).. Would you have Magnus for dinner tonight?

What can we take from this? Well, once you’ve started selling girls over the internet for straight cash to pay for battery replacements and what have you, the road down to organized crime is very short. In fact, it’s just around the corner. I think we’re witnessing the desperate attempts of a street hustler to shoehorn his way into the legitimate business of fast food catering. Or maybe they just owe him big for those Asian hoes that one time when and so on.. Or maybe that’s not it at all, maybe he’s actually going legit letting the hoes wait tables while The Man himself (read: Michael) overlooks the venue from his glass office where he’s counting the cash from the uptown cocaine biz..? The man is going federal.

3 thoughts on “Michael Park the Pimp is Back

  1. Yup, you guessed right — I’m going legit ’cause those hoes are just siting around doing shit since the economy is so bad. I got mouths to feed! :P

    Seriously, though, I’m not seeing that ad.

  2. No, me neither. It was just that day (March 24th). Unless you’re working on that site I guess it was your virtual host that messed up… :D

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