Sigg3 dot net April Fools 2010

These days I always read Slashdot on my cellphone when I get up in the morning, just to get my system started. But on and around April 1st it’s simply no use. There are only so many "featured stories" you can take without getting tired. I got to work and remembered that I hadn’t remembered to make a spoof for So I threw together a quick and dirty April Fool’s joke that at least one (1) person actually fell for. Lady C, I’m looking at you. If you missed out, this is what it looked like:

Sigg3 dot net April Fool's 2010

Just as last year, the spoof is featured on so please go ahead and vote +1 or suffer the consequences. Which is not voting +1.. Then come back here and tell us how you were fooled, if at all, this year.

Don’t forget to check out Koew’s excellent joke! Can’t believe that anyone would fell for K03WI-54N1C-3F311-0W4ND-W310V-3H1MM as a registration key..

Hilarious story there, by the way. One of Lady C’s colleagues recently (March 31st) became single when her boyfriend for the last 6 years called her from London to break up with her. Then she chose to update her Facebook profile with these news on April 1st. She had a hard time answering all the "ROTFL!" messages through the stream of tears.. Talk about stupid. And before you shoot me down, she’d been sleeping around. Double punch!

3 thoughts on “Sigg3 dot net April Fools 2010

  1. Poor girl, but I can’t stop laughing at it either. Whatever you do, you do not post serious business on April 1st. Maybe a safe word should be introduced?

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