Is that a rabbit? Or a plane? OMG! IT'S 200 PICTURES OF JESUS!!1

That’s right! It’s two hundred pictures of Jesus you’re always coming all over the keyboard you’re so excited! What started up as a commentary on cheesy slapstick humor and cheesy church dogma October 31st 2007 has become something of an annual tradition here on It’s why you return. Why you can’t let go. Why you always come back for more.. Well, either it’s that or it’s the luv honey, just the luv. And you know it’s my duty to please that booty, so this year it’s no different! Allow me to introduce: THE MOST ULTIMATE PAGE OF 200 PICTURES OF JESUS!

zomg it's 200 JESUS PICTURES!

Since the last update when I added the unordered list scheme, to counter all the complaints about the mess I’d made of the launch, I’ve made a couple of changes APART from the 50 NEW PICTURES OF JESUS of course!!1 I’ve resized the thumbs to 100×100 because my eyes hurt by looking at all of those little Jesus icons. But now I realize that it hurts even more because I can ALMOST read the effin’ captions on the thumbnails.. So that’s something I’m definitely going to fix sometime in 2011 or at the end of the world.. Add insult to injury, given you take offense from this innocent blasphemy, the entire page is written in all XHTML 1.1 STRICT glory! HALLELUJAH Leonard Cohen HALLELUJAH!!

This year I’ve also found a new source of Jesus clipart, and I’ve personally had to sift through some 150-200 pictures on sleazy church sites to handpick the 15-20 something bases for this years’ participants. I gotta tell you, some of the pictures really need no captioning at all to be ridiculous. Have a look at this pic which I forcefully excluded because adding anything to it would make it LESS FUNNAY! And less scary too. In comparison mine are pretty harmless, bordering on the retarded:

zomg it's 200 JESUS PICTURES!

But of course adding EFFIN’ FIFTY new pictures of Jesus doesn’t stop you from playing (with yourself or) with the REMAINING one hundred and fifty previous pictures that are ALL featured on the same page! Including ol’ classics like the above.

Pass it around to your in-laws and grandmothers, print it out and make Easter cards for your kids. Churn it through the shredder and feed it to your hamster. It’s a free-for-all fun fest! .. That’s it, ladies and gentleman, it’s about time I call it an evening and get my ass home to dinner. I’m just about beat and next week I’ll be completely offline working on the reconstruction of Our Home, so I better enjoy the peace and quiet while I can. I hope you’ll have a Happy Easter!

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