omfg I’m 26 years old today!

Still not online @home, but I’ve got my trusty Nokia N95 to share the tides. So 26 years old, huh? What kind of age is that? It’s like move along people, nothing to see here! Except people keep calling from way else in the world to shout me down over the phone. Even got an SMS with a full length birthday tune TYPED IN, which was nice and lame at the same time. Which kind of sums up my attitude towards my own birthday: it’s nice and lame.

But I’ve got Lady C here making me bacon pancakes and giving me all kinds of special treatment. That’s right, you didn’t get that wrong. The world simply wouldn’t be right without bacon pancakes. And as I’m typing this they’re getting cold so I need to hang up immediately. But it was nice talking to you, internet. Can’t wait until I get a qwerty keyboard to surf the tubes. I’m off work all week, so I’ve been having withdraws. Need some time to digest the pancakes.. Speaking of which!

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