Happy Birtday my love, my Lady C

Today my GF turns 27 and we’re taking time off construction work to have some fun:)

wow Happy birthday Lady C! wow
wow wow wow wow wow

When we got up this morning and Lady C pulled away the incredibly expensive curtains, she joyfully declared how good she had been this year, referring to the nice weather. Must be some sort of southern thing.. My own birthday, on the other hand, was more of cats-and-dogs climatic situation, and it proved to be the all time statistical high for spontaneous abortions across the country.. So it stands to reason that Lady C has been very good, not to forget that she’s very good to me, and I love her.

We’re having X-mas dish tonight, her favourite, and we’ve got my brother and the Mysterious mr. S coming over to help us with the half a pig we’re going to consume. Happy birthday, baby, only the best is good enough!

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