Truckin' April 2010, Vol. 9, Issue 4: Pet Shop Girls

With the recent update in Blogspot policy regarding their themes, both and the E-Zine have gone through a fundamental face-lift. I say fundamental because even though a superficial theme can make a big difference in terms of user experience, it is the underlying infrastructure which filters the good from the bad. And Truckin’s new backend supports indexing by labels and keywords, meaning you can pull up all of my stories (for instance) by label, like this Truckin: Sigg3 S. Amdal. Playing around with it I even discovered a quick and sweet story I wrote back in January 2005 that I had forgot to add to my Truckin’ archive page, now duly added! In any case, Pauly writes:

Welcome back to another delicious issue of your favorite e-zine which features writers from countries such as Canada, Australia, Sweden, and Texas. We have a cast of regulars including Sigge’s foray into pet store erotica and Johnny Hughes with a tale about cowboys and Indians. This issue also marks the return of two former Truckin’ scribes with Katitude’s road story about motorcycles and pie, and Australian playboy Johnny Vincent’s tale about booze and hermits. Tenzin McGrupp makes another cameo with a short story. And I penned a bit of fiction.
And lastly, thanks to all of the readers for their unwavering support. That’s you. If you’re reading this… you rock.

So who’s from Sweden, huh?


Lovers’ Whirlwind by
I don’t know if you want to know the real answer. You’re a new arrival. It’s not proper to ask all these questions on your first day. The real answers are not important…

The Dog Lover by Sigg3
I had a chat with my pet fish and decided to check out the local pet store to see if they had frozen larvae – a delicious to hungry Kili fish that’ll make ’em fornicate like swine given the opportunity…

A Hermit Faces the Drunken Public by Jonny Vincent
People are still – generically – boring as all fuck. Guys are still – generically – pathetic in their desperate and pitiful sleazy crabbing for attention when placed in the vicinity of the Unfair Sex…

Pie by Katitude
Her gray hair was caught up in a bun that had become untidy and thin wisps had escaped it to frame a pale face. A much-washed pastel pink t-shirt proclaimed her to be the “World’s Greatest Grandma”…

Crazy Colonel Ranald MacKenzie by
In the scene in Dances With Wolves where Kevin Costner rides around between rebel and union lines trying to get shot, that was based on Crazy Ranald. He was brave like only a crazy man can be. He got shot with bullets and arrows. He was also called Bad Hand because he lost two fingers in combat…

Hip-Cat Jargon by
I secured a one-way rental. $300 for the week. Would it take me a week? Maybe more? I had no idea. I’d probably want to make a couple of spontaneous stops along the way. My new life in California would have to wait a couple of days, maybe a couple of weeks. Who knows, maybe I wouldn’t even end up there at all…

2 thoughts on “Truckin' April 2010, Vol. 9, Issue 4: Pet Shop Girls

  1. Hot damn! It’s not like Norwegians and Swedes don’t still moan about the separation after the union in the 19th century was put to death:)

    Welcome to Europe, where history comes from.

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