Just another cup of coffee

Pissed my pantsWhen busy gaming, working and whatnot and you really need to take a piss, don’t you just sometimes JUST SOMETIMES want to go right then and there?

Let it all go! Right in your pants where you’re sitting, in front of the screen or on the couch, or standing in an akward position or whatever? Open the floodgates, as it were, for a moment of extra bliss? Drain the lizard at the lizard’s true command? Let the little fireman empty the hose? Side with nature, for once? Let the rainbow be fucked and plant the golden shower like the waterfall in your imagination so delightfully requests? And just fuck the Establishment? I mean, just fuck it all!..?

I know I do. But I don’t. Are you braver than I? Your sentiments, personal insights and well-thought arguments in the comments, please.

On a completely unrelated note, Lady C recently snuck up to me while I was in bed playing Settlers, and asked me if I wanted to have a couple of kids.

– WHERE?! Where are you hiding them?! I hear noises.. at night..
– No, I mean Eventually..
– Oh, phew. Yes, of course!
– Really?
– Yes, but ONLY if I get to name the FIRST TWO!

… later that night..

– So, Sigg3, have you thought of any names yet?
– Sure I have! I’ve known for years what they’ll be named.
– Really?! Oh, what are they? Tell me!
Ham & Cheese.

EPIC WIN. In Philosophy, this is what we refer to as contractarianism. Essential to a working relationship betwixt a man and his keeper/woman.

4 thoughts on “Just another cup of coffee

  1. I’ve found that the best way to just let go, is if you buy yourself a pair of adult diapers. The first time you let go during a meeting, man, it’s like discovering a whole new world!

    No more “Excuse me, I gotta go to the toilet.”, it’s just
    “Yes, as we can see on the chart we…oh hang on a minute please… *HNNNNNNGG* oh *HHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG*, man that was a tough o– *HNNNNNNGGGGG*.”


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