KAS: Kill all Salsa

Music is obligatory in my life. I must have it. Good music, that is. In that sense, I am here to announce that I am starting an organization called KAS: Kill All Salsa, since that intellectually poor excuse for rythm is driving me mad. At all times. God, I really hate Salsa.

Anyway, what are friends for? They are for lending me their stereo and their CDs so I can have a good time! Like my neighbours on the 3rd floor, who’s got Nirvana‘s Nevermind and The muddy banks of something something (I never remember the name, but it’s an incredible livealbum). In addition, MTV Latino America comes out of the closet every once in a while with Radiohead and R.E.M and the likes.. Great. Yesturday I got my hands on themes from 8 Mile with four or five tunes my mr. hip-hop himself – Eminem, and I really blasted that stereo all night. But now, walking across the street to check my e-mail and have a cup of crappy coffe I was attacked by the annoying odour of Salsa yet again. God how I hate salsa.

Not that Buena Vista Socialclub accompanied by Afrocuban allstars aren’t kicking it, because they really do, but they are the only one around here that does. I mean, how many times can you stand hearing about how much that person love that other person?

I’ve been impressed by Mexican music, however. There are some really great shit going on in the underground over there, and you should honestly have a look at Molotov and Control Machete. It’s in Spanish, so it limits the level of comprehension, but who cares? It’s great music and you do get the picture of what they’re trying to say (i.e. "So, you’re trying to hit us, but now we’ll hit you back." from Molotov’s Hit me back, which is quite funny).

Please use the comment feature, or e-mail me, YOUR thoughts on the crap we know as Salsa – the dance too if you want to – so we can get started cleaning the world of this unnecessary, annoying rubbish, and in one voice clearly state that what we want to do to improve the world is to KILL ALL SALSA. Thanks.

(Note: The name of the Nirvana album is From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah which was released in 1995.)

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