Scariest picture of the day: Floorboard stock photos! Again!

Just when you didn’t think stock photos couldn’t get any worse, I found this gem:

They never really liked Lars anyway

Now, you may see nothing wrong about this picture at all, but you’re looking too hard. This stock photo is wrong in so many ways that it just ain’t right. You’re walking past this and what do you see? Some guy smiling with teeth so white they had to turn off the flash. Then you see that he’s strangling some kid on the floor beneath him. Still smiling.

Then you see his other kid and his girlfriend on the couch behind them, WHO ARE ALSO SMILING. What are we to take from all this? They clearly hated this kid’s guts. I say hated in past tense, ’cause from his posture he’s clearly already dead from asphyxiation. The only thing nice about all this is the caption below which translates to: "Silencio 6 – provides a soft and silent floor". Meaning they didn’t wake the neighbours at least. Phew! … ffs!

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