On holiday hiatus. Back 28th of June

That’s right, I’m taking a short break from office life to continue work on our flat. During this time I’ll only have cellphone access to the internet, meaning no blogging except perhaps a flickr photo posting every once in a while. See my profile @ flickr.com/photos/sigg3net

What we’re hoping to get done in 1,5 week is:
– Setup remaining walls in living room
– Finish both living room ceilings
– Box in the timber log between rooms (ceiling)
– Start laying out the floor
– Move away more garbage and cut up extra materials
– Finish imperial living room fireplace

What remains, then:
– Finishing moulding
– Moving the piano (hiring professionals)
– Setting up the double door
– Paint the place in full 24-bit technicolor
– Finish EL (hiring professionals)

But who knows? Maybe we’ll just have sex and drink champagne all day..?

2 thoughts on “On holiday hiatus. Back 28th of June

  1. Hi! I see you still use b2 as your blogging tool. Nice! I just installed a version today. It’s good that someone is still using it. ~websurf90, Nicks-blog.net

  2. Hi and congrats with your new site!
    I would recommend against it being that the alternatives (WordPress etc.) are up-to-date with regards to security. b2 has several issues, and needs to be tweaked manually to be somewhat safe. And as you might see here, you’ll still have to manually filter and blacklist spam messages.. I’m migrating when I get the time. That said, b2 is a good tool.

    See my "help site" called b2 Cafelog Resource Center @ http://www.sigg3.net/cafelog/

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