website turns 8 years old!

It’s the Year We Make Contact. And fluffernutters. And our own home! The jingle:

wow Happy Birthday! wow

wow wow wow wow wow

Here’s a quick re-cap of other themes:

I had a lot of spare time in 2003 apparently. Hehe, please notice how that if you click a link to in the archive, my design pops up: @ 2004. I had forgot I made that. Ah, the days of 800×600 over modem.. websites <20Kb, reminisce!

Why make a new theme when I could just return to the UNCHALLENGED AWESOMENESS of the Tropical theme I used in 2003? Because it contains graphics from two major trademarks (and in violation thereof); namely the Tropical masthead that I snatched from a flash vid of homestarrunner and the Guinness beverage educational icons at the bottom which alone make me regret I went to work today..

But I might consider going with something just as colourful.

Thanks to a blog post from I recently re-checked my XHTML 1.0 Strict version of this very template in Internet Explorer 8. And it works! Sort of. You can’t scroll. Instead you have the infamous javascript mockup at the top reading: "Internet Explorer prevented you from experiencing a better internet." That’s cute.

There are many contenders to the title of ‘ new backend’, ranging from the academically appraised Plone to funky Django and enterprise Drupal. I’ve recently meddled with MongoDB and other non-relational databases, but they are not really needed for my kind of site. Though I have a good PageRank and receive new readers from all across the world every day, I don’t really need to scale for great masses. This site is my personal webpage, and nothing else. Happy birthday!

PS. Also, you should buy ‘s book right away: !
I know I would. And guess what, I have bought it! And so should you. Stop licking the fence and get down n’ dirty with the poker priest of NYC.

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