Family of Bigfoot located?

An unnamed individual ("Mike") at an undisclosed location in the US claims to have a family of sasquatch visiting an island of trees visible from his home for the last three weeks during night time.

Mike is an elderly man taking care of his older 90-year old sister who’s blind and suffers from Parkinson’s disease and dementia, in an urban area though some ten miles from a national park.

It’s hard to tell whether this is real or not, though he has agreed to take pictures of them and meet a crew of self-appointed bigfoot researchers (the BFRO). Apparently he does not have the means to buy a camera or any equipment capable of nighttime photography.

From the interview I’ve heard he seems to be sincere. That does not necessarily mean that they are real. In the interview he repeatedly states and expresses that he is concerned about the well-being of these animals and that he wouldn’t know what to do if they came in harm’s way. This could be the cry for help from an elderly man on the verge of dementia that is not able to take care of his sister or himself any longer. Though granted that these creatures exist there’s no reason why their being there would not be the case either.

Let’s see what happens. I’ll guess we’ll know shortly whether this is a lame PR stunt or not. Follow the story @ Cryptomundo!

Postscript 12th of July 2010: Unfortunately, I seem to have been right about his state of mind. For more confirmation see Case of "Mike" Solved: "He Was Seeing Things"

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