Quick DIY pic update

So, we’ve managed to fix the moulding roses and the window sills for the living room, as well as filled up the gap between the old wood floors so that we can lay out the parquet flooring pretty soon. In addition, I put up the 900x800x100mm siporex firewall in the study.

Finished window

Rosett (moulding rose)
We managed to fit a standard EL ceiling box inside the rose, which is great for future use!

900x800mm Firewall
Quick and easy firewall. Add spackle and white paint.

Levelling the floor
Levelling the floor between the "living rooms"

Living room 22nd of July 2010
Living room the 22nd of July 2010

The third and last fireplace will be delivered and set-up the 13th of September. In the meanwhile we must finish the flooring and (hopefully) the remaining finishing touches too (ground moulding) before that date. This presuppose ceiling moulds for both the hallway and the study, putting up the double door between the study and the living room and moving the piano.

We had some bad luck with our moulding supplier Floret who is going out of business, and therefore would not be able to get us the moulding that we ordered July 2nd. So tomorrow we’ll go to Vesterbro outside Oslo to have a look at the assortment available at OBS Bygg. Hopefully, the Gracia cornice from Lundbergs will be an acceptable alternative to the F5L. Stay tuned!

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