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The last couple of years there has been a long, shilling silence on , except for a dust bunny bouncing between the edges of the monitor. Because dust bunnies are from the wild wild west, and the wild wild west was awesome. Beef jerky, scalping Indians and hand-cocked revolvers? You gotta be fucking kidding me. But is back!!

MaddoxIn his "press statement" (razor blade toilet paper) called Big news from the main man. Maddox shows the statistical correlation of unemployment rates falling as The Best Page in the Universe is less frequently updated. But don’t think the main man does this for charity (or Obama). He’s been busy on 3 upcoming projects; two TV shows and a new book project! His own show goes live in less than 11 hours on youtube!

What’s that I hear? It’s your woman having an orgasm.

You should read the news yourself, but as a lumberjack I will have to recommend his literary debut with The Alphabet of Manliness. I’ve been trying to get it into the philosophy curriculum at the University of Oslo ever since I read it. It was admitted in peer-review as course curriculum when withdrawn in the final stages because all of the women in the committee couldn’t stop menstruation (nor having very vivid, explicit dreams).

His new book’s based on the age-old classic I am better than your kids from 2002 where several of his co-workers’ kids’ drawings are analysed and ultimately found to fail. I’ll be harvesting these to put around the libraries where I work. Kick ass.

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