Link of the day: The Best Show in the Universe!

Like I said yesterday, Maddox is releasing his own online TV show!

Link of the day: The Best Show in the Universe episode 1

Featuring the careful analysis of youtube’s singing children compared to the originals. Will they do justice to the original? Also, Maddox educates us about Vegans and Assholes with nice graphs. Check out the newly released book page for his upcoming I Am Better Than your Kids where you can submit your kid’s artwork, or maybe your own artwork, to be included. I’ve got my tractor MS PAINT artwork of course, but it’s too low res for printing. And of course, it wouldn’t be polite towards the worthless ill-inspired five minute doodles your kids can come up with. Seriously.

On a side-note, Maddox being a phenomenon, I think he’s the modern day version of American Splendor. Any thoughts? Any whatsoever?

2 thoughts on “Link of the day: The Best Show in the Universe!

  1. Also, Maddox can be seen in the latest episode of Penn and Teller: Bullshit (S08E08). He’s disguised as a lawyer or something. Looking forward to that.

  2. Correction: Of course Maddox is himself. He haven’t totally sold out (yet?). Looking forward to the next episode of his show.

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