Two week hiatus vacationgorilla

We’ll be going on a much needed summer holiday tomorrow morning, and won’t be back until mid-August. But there’s no reason to fret! When we come back we will be tanned, hairy and stronger than EVER! … Like this:

The vacation gorilla
I put it in my Out of office auto-reply mail at work. Just in case.

Yesterday my colleague FRANK! and I put in 4 working hours at home after work to finish the living room flooring as well as move the 500Kg piano from 1880. It’s a numbered piano by the Hals brothers, royal piano manufacturers of the Kingdom of Norway and is as heavy as it is old. But with my back problems I was not allowed to carry the damn thing, and Lady C had to step in and save the day. So very much thanks to FRANK! and the awesome muscular girlfriend I have whose ground upon which she walks I am barely worthy of french kissing – we can go on holiday with a clear conscience, and focus on ourselves a little.

We’re going away for two weeks to the north to visit relatives on my father’s side, including my father, whom has yet to meet Lady C. That will be interesting.

First we’ll head up to Tromsø tomorrow morning. Come Monday we’ll take the postal flight to Berlevåg near the Russian border to spend a few days with my grand mother. Lady C has never been so far north so it’ll be quite the experience. We’ll spend a few more days with my father in Tromsø before we head to the third northern county called Nordland (Bodø airport) where we’ll spend a week by the fjord just relaxing and avoiding the Internet and work-related e-mail. But I might stop by every once in a while despite better judgement. So long fellas!

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