Final Count

I know it is one hour before time, but the scores are pretty uneven right now, and since me and my roommate are going to have a beer pretty soon I found it better to finish this off now than having to wait untill tomorrow (fat boy).

Here are the final results of the Official Sigg3 dot net female of the year 2003 competition:

1. Angelina Jolie: 33%
2. Milla Jovovich: 29%
3. Katie Holmes: 25%
4. Jenna Jameson: 4%
5. Alizee Jacotey: 2%
6. t.A.T.u: 1%
7. Alyssa Milano: 0%
    Mili Avital: 0%
    Christina Ricci: 0%
    Anck Su Namun: 0%
    Anna Paquin: 0%
    Princess Leia: 0%

Final number of votes: 502

The winner, beautiful Angelina Jolie, became the winner with the honorable amount of 165,7 votes while on 2nd sexy Milla Jovovich 145,6 votes had been cast. The charming Katie Holmes who had the lead for a while back and also stole the pollposition from Jenna Jameson got a total of 125,5 votes. Congratulations to all 12, in our eyes you’re all winners (with perhaps a few exceptions on my behalf:) and let’s not forget miss Angelina Jolie who pulled it through and was strong from the very beginning of the election.

It is my honor to officially state that the title of ms. Sigg3 dot net of the year 2003 goes to Angelina Jolie. Congrats!

Also thanks to all of the women’s lawyers for not throwing a lawsuit in my face or anything. What will happen next? I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! Good night and once again: Congratulations, Angie, and welcome to Sigg3 dot net! (Oh, and thanks to all of my, Pauly’s and Mirza’s (among other’s) readers for participating. This election would’ve been pretty boring without you!) Now, what do you think about the contest?

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