Truckin' September 2010: The 9th issue of the 9th volume of Truckin'!

This month Truckin’ presents my 35th contribution to the online e-zine, going as far back as December 2003. My stories as of late are pretty uninspired, because I simply have too much to do to get any real writing done. This month’s story, however, was written as a way to let out some steam. It’s a Daily WTF that I thought would cheer up the possible IT workers reading Truckin’. If you’ve got a good story please consider submitting it. We need more non-poker tales! Here’s what saying:

The September issue features the debut of Wolynski, who shares a tale about Rodney Dangerfield. The issue is anchored by a sensational contribution from Brad Willis. Mark Verve returns with the first of a two part series, and everyone’s favorite Norwegian scribe returns. Oh, and let’s not forget that I whipped up a tale about my last trip to South America.


Punta del Mota by
The last time I was in South America, I had gotten involved in a bar fight in Argentina and a cab driver accused me of being a CIA agent. I left with mixed feelings and wasn’t that excited to return to South America for another assignment…

Meeting the X-Men by
Culver Stockton—Culley to his couple of friends—squinted. He poked at a liver spot on the back of his hand. He sighed and looked sad. The old hand shook as it pulled the bourbon up to the crooked mouth. When the smell hit his nose, Culver’s eyes exploded with recognition…

The Find, Part One by Mark Verve
The moonless night had created an all consuming darkness. The only light for miles around came from my headlights. I was speeding down Highway 82 trying to make the border before sunrise…

The IT Component by Sigg3
The first thought of any man in Jacob’s positions is senseless violence. But violent crimes have a perpetrator, and it is finally he that ends up as the victim in a state where criminal prosecution was highly prioritized. No. Violence was not the answer. The answer was elegance…

Rodney Dangerfield Explains A Schmear by
He rummaged some more and found what looked like half a pound of flour and poured it onto the table. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Rodney shuffled off to take the delivery. When he opened the door, the ensuing breeze made the cocaine swirl all over the room. I got covered in a thin film like some devilish dandruff…

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