Quick DIY update: Getting warmer!

We’ve done a lot of stuff at home recently, and very rapidly too, so I must pinch myself in order to remember taking photographs. We’re nearly there now, with only some finishing work left to do around the floors. Here are some pictures from the Extreme DIY 2009/2010 set in quick succession:

The Chesterfields fit right in!
A quick peek at our future habitat. The Chesterfields fit right in, don’t they?

Looking good, no?
It took 3 tries, but the double doors from Swedoor looks great!

Livingroom September 12th 2010
Livingroom on September 12th 2010

Kitchen September 12th 2010
We had to move in some stuff from external storage, and the kitchen was the only sane place to keep it. That includes our mini fish tank feat. Aphysemion Australe

Study fireplace
The third and final fireplace: a Jøtul F100 for my study.

There are a lot of minor details that take time, but my to-do list is growing ever so short by the day!

  • Putting up door mouldings for 2 doors (one side each) 
  • Moulding along the floors (study 100%, living room 70%, hallway 0%) 
  • Finish EL (hiring professionals); living room & study 
  • Setup key stones and wall mounts for the Cat6A network 
  • Putting up lamps in the hallway, living room and study 
  • Collect antique furniture in Kristiansand 
  • Move up stuff from the basement 
  • Setup storage place for firewood in basement 
  • Collect firewood in Drammen 
  • Down here, it’s Christmas already! 

The moulding has been a terrible time bandit, so I finally took the plunge and bought a manly power tool to ease the (or rather my) pains: Cotech angle saw!

When my other academically-inclined friends come over, I can just pull out these for instant not-a-pussy points! So you see, it serves a double purpose. And it was on sale.. There are some other stuff that has to be purchased as well; a couple of lamps, carpets, some small furniture and so on but we’ll have to spread it out in order to afford it all. Who knew carpets were so gawdamn expensive..!?

2 thoughts on “Quick DIY update: Getting warmer!

  1. Well, it came at a reasonable price given that so much had to be done with it. But a hundred square meters is A LOT in downtown Oslo, especially when you are as young as we are. We were lucky, that’s for sure!

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